Sapana Metal Industries | Nepal
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Quality Products

We continuously have our quality checks on the products which are then certified to promote to the customers.The products have excellent surface finish and also the quality level will be high which makes the copper products to get stains when kept in open atmosphere.Only a pure copper will get stains and thus the quality can be judged.

Pure Copper

Copper is wonderful! It plays an important role in the system. It is necessary to convert iron to hemoglobin. It is also vital to respiration. According to George L. Redmon PhD, ND, in his book entitled, Minerals, What Your Body Really Needs and Why, protein hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood and requires copper for its synthesis and function. He also states that copper may be useful in helping with lung damage associated with emphysema.


Innovation is the most important driver of long-term prosperity. Our Industry contributes successful outcome by innovative ideas.


We do Different designed metal utensils are prepared with Best Quality, which provides you variety while choosing your product across the range.


Our Industry focuses on Best outcome through full Motivation, Concentration & Hard work keeping good Relationship with our customers

Amazing space

Talented Team to assist you with products with modern way of analyzing the products at its Best.